Programma 2019

Norises vieta: viesnīcas SemaraH Hotel Lielipe & Conferences konferenču zāle Dzintari

Adrese: Bulduru prospekts 64/68, Jūrmala, LV-1020, Latvija

*Konfrences programma tiks papildināta

20. Augusts, Otrdiena

09:00 - 10:00

Registration of the Conference and Exhibition participants

10:00 - 10:30

Opening of the International Telecommunication Conference and Exhibition TELCO TRENDS 2019

Diana Volodkevica, General Director of Elite Union

Edmunds Belskis,Deputy State Secretary in charge of information and communication technologies, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia

Dace Kotzeva, Executive Director of he Association "For Legal Content"

10:30 - 12:00

European Trends of Telecom and Media industry

Moderator: Toms Meisitis, Director of Legal and Corporate Support Division at Tet (prior Lattelecom)


Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia (Latvia)

New frontiers in the implementation of the EU "Single Digital Europe" pogramme, its impact on the business environment

Speaker: Edmunds Belskis, Deputy State Secretary in Charge of information and communication technologies


Tet (prior Lattelecom) (Latvia)

Baltic Telco and Media Convergence

Speaker: Toms Meisitis, Director of Legal and Corporate Support Division at Tet (prior Lattelecom)


Balticum TV (Lithuania)

Regulation of electronic communications services and content markets in the Republic of Lithuania, market changes for 2017 - 2019

Speaker: Virginijus Jurgelevicius, Head of Administration


Ministry of Culture (Latvia)

Implimentation of the New EU Audiovisual media services directive.

BREXIT: Will European licenses for broadcasting channels issued by OFCOM be revoked?

Speaker: Andris Mellakauls, Head of Information Space Integration Division


Levira (Estonia)

Alternatives to licensing in the EU territory. New prospects for TV channels

Speaker: Indrek Lepp, EVP Media Services, Member of the Board

12:00 - 12:30

Join SES for a coffee break

12:30 - 14:30

Innovations and technologies

Moderator: Vladislav Gurman, member of the Board of Latnet


NAGRA - Kudelski group (Switzerland)

European Trends of Pay TV market

Speaker: Dmitry Bronner, Regional sales director



Technological development of heGerman pay-TV market. IPTV / OTT vs.Cable TV

Speaker: Germann Geer, Sales Director of the company ASTRO Strobel


ELECARD (Russia)

Solution designed for quality control of OTT and IPTV delivery, preparation of media content for DVB broadcasting and use in video surveillance systems.

Speaker: Nikolai Milovanov, Director


MSK-IX (Russia)

Multiservice Platfom.

Speaker: Sergey Kiselev, Business Development Director


J'son & Partners Consulting

Trends in changing content consumption from mobile devices and their impact on the business of mobile operators

Speaker: Kirill Kucherov, Director of the Department of Telecommunications Services J'son & Patners Counsulting


Mercku (Canada)

Introduction into smart home market

Speaker: Erik Ackner, Director of Crowth

14:30 - 15:00

Join WarnerMedia for a coffee break

15:00 - 18:00

Panel discussion of the leading European experts and industry leaders: Effective protection of rights holders in the digital environment

Moderator: Dace Kotzeva, Executive Director of the Association "For Legal Content"


European Commission

New European Copyright Directive

Speaker: Sabina Tsakova, Policy & Legal Officer, DG CONNECT, Copyright Unit


IRDETO (Netherlands)

Irdeto Solutions

Speaker: Rafal Szymura, Head of Sales, Western, Central, Eastern Europe and CIS


"Clear Sky Initiative" Public Union (Ukraine)

Ukrainian experience in the fight against piracy

Speaker: Kateryna Fedorova, "Clear Sky Initiative" Public Union Director


Association "For Legal Content" (Latvia)

Latvian 3 year success story

Speaker: Dace Kotzeva, Executive Director of the Association "For Legal Content"



Has physical audiovisual content piracy died already?

Best European practices of access limitation to illegal content

What to learn from the pirates and their actions?


Participants of the discussion:

Dace Kotzeva, Executive Director of the Association "For Legal Content"

Sabina Tsakova, European Commission, Policy & Legal Officer, DG CONNECT, Copyright Unit

Rafal Szymura, IRDETO, Head of Sales, Western, Central, Eastern Europe and CIS

Kateryna Fedorova, "Clear Sky Initiative" Public Union Director

Liena Grina, CEO of Latvian Performers' and Poducers' Association (LaIPA)

Linda Zommere, Head of Copyright Unit of the Ministry of Culture of Latvia


TELCO TRENDS 2019 Dinner

Invites RTVi Multiplatform Media

Venue: Grill Terrace SemaraH Hotel Lielupe

21. Augusts, Trešdiena

10:00 - 11:00

Registration of the Conference and Exhibition participants

11:00 - 13:00

Development strategies in the digital age. Part 1

Moderator: Gunta Lidaka; Media expert, ex Member of National Electronic Mass Media Council (Latvia)


Tet (prior Lattelecom) (Latvia)

Do Disrupt: "change the Status quo or become it"

Speaker: Inga Alika-Stroda, Director of Helio Entertainment and Media Business



World success story

Speaker: Ivan Shestakov, Chief Marketing and Strategy


Platforma Filma (Latvia)

Digital Glocalization - Local is the new Global!

Speaker: Kristians Alhimionoks, Producer


J'son & Partners Consulting

Difference in content consumption on TV and the Internet

Speaker: Dmitry Kolesov, Director of the Department of TV and Content J'son & Partners Consulting


Polish Chamber for Electronic Communication PIKE (Poland)

Content monetization in Polish

Speaker: Jerzy Straszewski, President  (PIKE)

13:00 - 13:30

Join for a coffee break

13:30 - 15:30

Developments strategies in the digital age. Part 2

Moderator: Gunta Lidaka; Media expert, ex Member of National Electronic Mass Media Council (Latvia)


Kantar (Latvia)

TV content consumption trends in Latvia

Speaker: Oskars Rumpeters, Director of media customers


Cableman (Russia)

FakeNews - who, how and why create it? How to recognize and to stop them?

Speaker: Yana Belska, Editor-in-chief


Big Data (Ukraine)

Metamorphosis of the pay TV market in Ukraine 2014 - 2019

Speaker: Sergey Boiko, Head and Founder of independent rating agency Big Data


Baltijas Mediju Alianse (Latvia)

The need for local content in an era of global opportunities

Speaker: Guntars Traubergs, Commercial Director



15:30 - 16:30


Venue: Restaurant Lielupe, SemaraH Hotel Lielupe

17:00 - 22:00


Presentation of new content and TV channels in a new format

Venue: hall Jurmala, SemaraH Hotel Lielupe



"Presentation of entertainment TV packege from Global Media: THT, THT4, THT Music, Пятница International, TB3"

Speaker: Karina Bogdanova, Global Media Marketing Director

Speaker: Vera Proskurina, Sales department of Gazprom Media Entertainment TV


RTVi Multiplatform Media

Presentation of the new season at international TV channel RTVi

Speaker: Tatiana Druzhnyaeva, Executive Director


Wild TV (Russia)

The presentation of the thematic package of TV channels about hunting and fishing: "Wild channel", "Wild Hunting HD", "Wild Fishing HD"

Speaker: Konstantin Zakharov, Chief Producer of he company Wild TV


TV channels Zee TV and Jivi

ZEE TV - the unique plane of series

JIVI! - TV-channel like a style of living

Speaker: Olga Gavrilina, Head of Marketing


TV company STREAM"

"Okhota I Rybalka" channel - always new, continuously the main

Speaker: Stanislav Radzishevskiy, Creativ producer


"Tochka Otryva" channel - Hobbies witha male character

Speaker: Sergey Badyuk, Creative producer


"Video in VR360 - Today's Trend"

Speaker: Denis Lafanov, Head of VR/AR projects


WarnerMedia in Baltics 

Speaker: Daiva Borkertaite, Affiliate Executive Baltcis


TV Channel Presentation: Home 4K, Wildlife HD, Through the Eyes of a Turist HD

Speaker: Lira Gazizova, Deputy Head of Commerce

Speaker: Irina Shlenkina, Director of Lega Affairs


In between presentations: live music, a selection of sophisticated wines, snacks.


Night Movie

Comedy "Swingers" (Latvia, Platforma Filma)

22. Augusts, Ceturtdiena

10:00 - 17:00

10:00 Transfer from SemaraH Hotel Lielupe


To exciting tours invites Digital TV Family.

Each of the guests will be able to choose one of two options for excursion programmes:



- Visit to Dzintars factory  with tour of the museum, a real master - class with perfumers and 20% discount for all products;

- Tour of the old brewery  Aldaris with beer tasting and lunch



- Visit to the Latvian Ethnographic Museum on the shore of Lake Jugla, in the middle of a pine forest, with lunch in the open air, beer and the freshest smoked sea fish.


Transfer SemaraH Hotel Lielupe - restaurant "36.Line"


Evening event from the Digital TV Family - GENERAL MEDIA PARTNER of the Telco Trends 2019 conference

The programme of the evening includes a fire show, live music, karaoke, delicious food and a big and nice company.

Venue: restaurant "36. Line"

Address: 36. linija, Jurmala, LV2110, Latvia