New rules of the game for the Single Digital Europe

Single digital market - development perspectives, opportunities and risks.

Moderator: Toms Meisitis, SIA Lattelecom, Director of Legal and Corporate Support Division

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia (Latvia)

New stages in implementation of the programme Digital Europe.

Speaker: Edmunds Belskis, Deputy State Secretary in charge of information and communication technologies

Polish Chamber for Electronic Communication PIKE (Poland)

Trends of the Polish telecommunications market.

Speaker: Jerzy Straszewski, president (PIKE), Slavomir Czepielewski

Ministry of Culture (Latvia)

Regulatory environment and upcoming invitatives.

EU Audiovisual media services directive.

Speaker: Andris Mellakauls, Head of Information Space Integration Division

Cableman (Russia)

Dependent and independent Russian-speaking media in Europe.

Figures, facts, and nuances.

Speaker: Yana Belska, editor-in-chief


How to Create Virtual OTT Service Provider in the Cloud.

Speaker: Norberts Ositis, Head of Product Management

CONAX (Norway)

How can OTT increase the value of your offer in Pay TV?

Speaker: Dmitry Bronner, Regional sales director

Association "For Legal Content" (Latvia)

During first half of the year illegal audio visual market has been decreased up to 20%.

Speaker: Dace Kotzeva, Executive Director of the Association "For Legal Content"s

"Discovery Communications Europe Limited" (United Kingdom)

Change in consumer habits and business models - what implications for anti-piracy?

Speaker: Ross Biggam, VP Government Affairs

MUSO (United Kingdom)

Strategies of measurement and prosecution of pirate market in the Baltic States.

Speaker: Christopher Elkins, Chief Strategy Officer

Association Internet-video (Russia)

Fighting video piracy today and tomorrow.

Speaker: Alexey Byrdin, CEO of the Association Internet-video


Actual development of European operators by the example of solutions from ASTRO Company.

Speaker: Germann Geer, Sales Director of the company ASTRO Strobel

Eutelsat (France)

New Satellite Solutions for Baltic States.

Speaker: Karen Badalov, Regional Director, Baltic States & Caucuses

MSK-IX (Russia)

Medialogistics. Delivery of TV channels between Latvia and Russia.

Speaker: Grigory Kuzin, Head of Medialogistics project

TVIP (Russia)

Modern OTT service - solutions from TVIP company.

Speaker: Stanislav Krynin, Head of Sales Department; Danilenko Egor, Head of Intergrations

Ampere Analysis (UK)

Future of TV in OTT world: survival's guide

Speaker: Guy Bisson, Executive of analytics company Ampere Analysis

J'son & Partners Consulting

Analysis of pay-TV operators’ actions to increase ARPU in terms of offered content.

Speaker: Dmitry Kolesov, Director of the Department of TV and Content J'son & Partners Consulting

Association "Electronic money" (Russia)

Interaction between telecommunication operators and payment technologies.

Speaker: Vikrtor Dostov, President of the Association "Electronic money"