Schedule 2013

13. August, Tuesday

19:00 - 21:00

Attending a concert given within the 9th international SUMMERTIME festival (“Dzintari” concert hall). Pre-booking at the organizers is required.

14. August, Wednesday

10:00 - 11:00

Registration of the participants of the Conference

11:00 - 11:30

Opening of the 3rd International telecommunications conference “Telco  Trends 2013”. 

Welcoming speeches:

Edmunds Belskis, Head of Communications Department, Ministry of Transport of Latvia

Ilmars Muuls, President of Latvian Association of Electronic Communications

Juozas Jurelionis, Director of Lithuanian Cable Television Association

Paulius Živatkauskas, President of Lithuanian Telecommunication Operators’ Association

Peteris Smidre, President of Telecommunications Association of Latvia

11:30 - 13:00

Section 1 of the conference:
"Situation in International telecommunications market and market development trends." Moderator: Raimonds Bergmanis, IT&T expert

"Trends in Latvian telecommunications market" (Latvia)
Speaker: Edmunds Belskis, Head of Communications Department, Ministry of Transport of Latvia

"Digital Terrestrial TV implementation project. Pay TV market development tendencies and problems" (Latvia)
Speaker: Girts Kleinbergs, DT TV Project manager, Lattelecom

"Current situation and development tendencies. Lithuanian experience" (Lithuania)
Speaker: Juozas Jurelionis, Lithuanian Cable Television Association

"Pay TV market in Ukraine. Current situation, problems and development tendencies" (Ukraine)
Speaker: Viktor Kulish, President of Association “Ukrteleset”

13:00 - 13:30

Dinner coffee break offered by the company Baltic Media Alliance

13:30 - 14:30

Section 2 of the conference: 
Innovative technical solutions for television and multimedia. Experience of the leading European companies.” Moderator: Germann Geer, Sales Director with the ASTRO Strobel company

The DSM BALTIC company (Latvia)
Presents itself and its partners 
Speaker: Rolandas Sirvelis, CEO

ASTRO STROBEL company (Germany)
Head station equipment (Direct Digital Modulation). Central and regional IP stations. Presentation of the equipment and operational experience. Innovations presented at ANGA 2013.
Speaker: Germann Geer, Sales Director with the ASTRO Strobel company

Компания CONAX (Норвегия)
Решение Conax для кабельных операторов, OTT TV и гибридных сетей. Защита цифрового контента в кабельных сетях. Докладчик: Лариса Макаровская, Региональный директор по продажам компании Conax

BKTEL company  (Germany)
Amplifiers and transmitters, aspects to pay attention to. Experience of the global leader in the industry of optical equipment.
Speaker: Siegbert Mundinger, Sales diroctor with the BKtel company

14:30 - 15:00

Coffee break offered by the company Eutelsat

15:00 - 16:00

EUTELSAT company (France)
Eutelsat Satellite Solutions
Speaker: Karen Badalov, Sales Director with the Eutelsat company

KWS company (Germany)
Measuring equipment. Precision and reliability. Phasenjitter and HUM modulation, measurement methodologies. Experience of the German leader.
Speaker: Helmut Schenk, CEO

Innovative solutions for multiservice TV networks. Quality optical and coaxial cables, RF splitters and taps. New solutions in COMMMSCOPE portfolio: equipment for G-PON/E-PON and CCAP.
Speaker: Edmund Pieluc, Commscope Solutions Regional Sales Manager

18:00 - 21:00

Jolly "TELCO TRENDS 2013" beach tournament. Offered by TV channels Sport 1 and Sport 2
Venue - Baltic Beach Hotel – seaside

15. August, Thursday

9:30 – 10:00

Morning coffee - offered by the company Lattelecom

12:00 - 12:30

Coffee break offered by the company Первый ТВЧ


Transfer from the Baltic Beach to the restaurant LIDO


Party for the participants of the "Telco Trends 2013" conference in the famous LIDO restaurant, entertainment program in the national style.


Transfer from the restaurant LIDO to the Baltic Beach

10:00 - 12:00

Section 3 of the conference: 
“Content show. Cross-marketing: potentialities of channel and operator cooperation in order to attract subscribers. New storage possibilities, delivery and consumption of the content." Moderator: Diana Volodkevicha, "Elite Union" CEO

"TV OE" TV channel presentation (Latvia)
Speaker: Tatyana Svirbutovich, General Director

"ТПО Ред Медиа" Copmany presentation (Russia)
Speaker: Evgeniya Homjakova, Project manager

"НКС Медиа" Copmany presentation (Russia)
Speaker: Andrej Skutin, General Director

TV channels' "Sport 1 ans Sport 2"presentation (Ukraine)
Speaker: Viktor Samoilenko, General Director

"Первый ТВЧ" Company presentation (Russia)
The practice of successful promotion of thematic channels, for example, Russian TV channel "Охотник и рыболов" HD. Content show of TV company.
Speaker: Alexander Sharutin

"LATTELECOM" Company presentation (Latvia)
Data base DATTUM.
Speaker, Maris Sperga, Director of international business development, Corporate Customer Service

"Первый ТВЧ" Company presentation (Russia)
New services for pay-TV subscribers. Evolution consumption opportunities of video content. Case Applications for STB pay TV provider. Case Applications for STB pay TV providers.
Speaker: Tatiana Mihalevskaya

12:30 - 15:00

Section 4 of the conference:
“Joint administration of copyright and the related law. Multi-territorial licensing. Working video content protection models on the legislative level.” Moderator: Inese Aleksandrova, Executive Director of Latvian Association of Electronic Communications  
National Electronic Media Council (Latvia) 
Television on the Internet: legal and illegal. Opinion of the European Union regarding the rights and liabilities of new media.
Speaker: Aija Dulevska, Deputy Chairman of the Council

Department on struggle againsts economic crimes of the Directorate of the criminal police of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Latvia (Latvia)
Actual issues of protection of intellectual protperty. The legal details of proof.
Speaker: Aleksandrs Buko, Head og the Unit

«Безопасность Плюс» Company (Ukraine)
The fight against piracy, liability types for infringement of intellectual property rights.
Докладчик: Анатолий Сперкач, Генеральный директор

Competition Council (Latvia)
Observance of the rules of competition in the field of telecommunications and cableTV.
Speaker: Julija Linkevicha, Director of the 1st analytical department

Telecommunication Chamber of Ukraine (Ukraine)
Prospective legislation of Ukraine. Protection of legitimate providers on the legal level.
Speakers: Konstantin Gricak, Director of Telecommunication Chamber

National Electronic Media Council (Latvia) 
Problems of the Latvian regulator regarding illegal TV.
Speaker: Ivars Zviedris, Member of the Council
Illegal spread of Russian satellite platforms in Latvia – case study.
Speakers: Aija Dulevska Deputy Chairman of the Council and Ivars Zviedris Member of the Council

16. August, Friday

9:00 - 22:00

Sturgeon and trout fishing. Offered by "КОНТЕНТ ТВ".
Participation is by invitation only.


Visit to aquapark - "Līvu Aquapark"

17. August, Saturday


Transfer from the Baltic Beach to the Riga city centere

Riga City Festival 2013
Large-scale street festivities with an exciting entertainment program.


Summary of the results of the "Telco Trends 2013" conference. Festive supper in Jūrmala’s restaurant JŪRA (2 Dzintaru avenue, Jurmala)

18. August, Sunday

All day